This view is inherited from Professional edition 6.1 and only appears for upgraded installations; however, the column descriptions correspond to the new database views. To review the original descriptions for a view, please consult your Professional edition 6.1 documentation.


WORKGROUP_ID (Oracle = number (10, 0)), (SQL = int)  
Unique identifier of the workgroup on the server.  
This field is a primary key.  

WORKGROUP_NAME (Oracle = nvarchar2), (SQL = nvarchar)
Name of the workgroup.


AU_SID (Oracle = number (10, 0)), (SQL = int)
There is no server ID in the current database, so this field is always 0.

AU_ID (Oracle = number (10, 0)), (SQL = int)
The unique identifier of the parent Learning Object.
This field is a primary key.

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