Deleting a package deletes the package document from the Library, along with all of the items it contains. You can delete a package only from the Library, just as you would delete a document of any other type. 

Deleting a package that contains items linked to your content creates broken links. Therefore, if you plan to delete a package, you should first remove any links from your content to the files it contains.

Tip: You can use the Broken Links tool to identify any broken links in your content that result from deleting a package. However, you cannot use this tool to identify broken links resulting from deleting, moving, or renaming items within packages.

The situation might also arise in which you attempt to delete a package as a related document. For example, if a package file is the concept of a module and you delete the module with related documents, the package is deleted as a related document. Note that the entire package is deleted, not just the file linked as the concept of the module. However, you cannot delete a package as a related document if any file it contains is linked to any other document that is not selected for deletion.

Consider the following two examples involving a package named Package AB that contains the files File A and File B:

Therefore, you cannot create any broken links in your content by deleting a package as a related document.

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