When you create a new report, you must first provide a name for it. Report names must be unique by type. That is, you cannot name a per-user report with the same name as another per-user report in your Report List. Similarly, you cannot name a global report with the same name as another global report. You can have two reports with the same name only if one is a per-user report and the other is a global report. 

By default, each new report is created on a per-user basis and is available only to the report creator. Per-user reports appear with an asterisk (*) next to the report name in the Report List. Selecting the Make This Report Available to Everyone option creates a global report available to all users with appropriate permissions. Anyone with permission to create reports can create or modify a global report. The Report List does not indicate the name of the user who created a global report.

Warning! Any user can change an existing global report to a private per-user report by opening the report in design mode and unmarking the Make This Report Available to Everyone option. The report is then only available to the user making the change and will not appear in the Report list or be available to other users, including the original report creator. 

To name a report:

  1. In the Design Report page, type a name for the report in the Name field.
  2. If desired, select the Make this report available to everyone checkbox to make the report a global report.

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