You can add bookmarks to the PrintTemplate.docm file from the Developer Publishing Toolbar or from the Bookmark dialog box in Word. You can use the toolbar to add extra information to the template easily. 

You can also make substitutions with the toolbar. For example, the default template for the Training Guide uses the text formatting for concept web pages as set in the template. If you want to use the formatting as it is in the Developer, you can delete everything between and including the ModuleSectionConcept beginning and ending tags, and then use the toolbar to easily insert the bookmarks for the Developer-formatted web pages.

You can also insert bookmarks using the Bookmarks dialog box in Microsoft Word. You can access this dialog box with the Bookmarks command from the Insert ribbon in Word 2007 or the Insert menu in Word 2003. You will see in the list that the bookmarks have numbers appended to the name. In Word, each bookmark must have a unique name. The numbers are also used to identify beginning and ending bookmarks for a block, such as ForEachAttachment_Begin_1 and ForEachAttachment_End_1. The Check Syntax feature uses these numbers to verify that all necessary pairs are present.

See the Bookmark Reference topic in the Customize Document Formats chapter of the Content Development manual to determine the bookmark that you want to insert, then enter it in the Bookmark Name field at the top of the Bookmark dialog box, appending a number. You can insert any bookmark, including those, such as FrameID, that are not present by default in any of the output formats.

Note: If you insert Developer bookmarks in the headers or footers of the template, they will be ignored during the document processing. Microsoft Word fields, such as the document name, the page number, or the date of publication will be honored.

Move and Delete Bookmarks

When you select bookmarks to move or delete them, you should make sure that you select the entire bookmark, including the grey brackets at the beginning and the end and the no-width non breaking space before the bookmark.

You cannot copy bookmarks; you must move them using cut and paste. When you delete multiple bookmarks, especially a block of bookmarks, make sure you delete both the beginning and ending tags. If there are extra tags, you will receive an error when you check the syntax or attempt to use the template.

At the end of the template, there are bookmarks that you should not delete. These bookmarks control the images for the action areas, screenshots, packages, and web pages. If they are missing, the template will not be processed correctly during publishing. If you delete these bookmarks, you should replace them by copying them from an unmodified template.

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