When you create an assessment, it opens in a new tab in the Developer. You can link to existing questions or topics from the Library or create and link new questions to populate the assessment. You can link new and/or existing questions from the Assessment Editor toolbar or from the Link menu. Once a question is linked, it displays in the assessment. 


When you close the assessment you can save it to the desired location in the Library.

To create a new assessment in the Library:

  1. On the File menu, point to New New and choose Assessment Assessment.
  2. Save the assessment.

To create and link a new assessment in an outline:

  1. Display the Outline Editor by opening the outline to which you want to link a new assessment.
  2. Select the module or section document to which you want to link the new assessment.
  3. On the Link menu, choose Assessment New Assessment.
    You can also right-click the parent document in the outline and choose Link New Assessment.
    A new assessment is linked (and automatically saved) and appears in the outline beneath the parent document with the default name, that you should change. You can also rename the new assessment after it is linked and saved.
  4. To open the assessment in the Assessment Editor, click  Edit assessment in the Assessment Preview pane or double-click the assessment in the outline.

Note: You can link existing assessments to an outline using the Link menu and Existing Document command. You can select multiple assessments using the standard Windows selection keys (CTRL+click and SHIFT+click). You can also link assessments to an outline by copying them from the Library and pasting them to the parent document in the Outline Editor or by splitting the work area and dragging an assessment from the Library in one work area to the open outline in the other work area.

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