When you develop content in the Developer, each item in the outline is imported as a separate item in the LMS (section concepts are inserted as new first children within their section). You may, however, decide that you want the LMS reporting on a less granular level, on each section for example, rather than on each item in the section. The Player allows you to configure how much material gets grouped together into a single tracked LMS item.


In the Developer, you can set the Group for LMS property of a section (or module) to indicate that that section and all of its children should be grouped together into a single LMS item. You can make your entire course a single item, make each first level section separate items, or whatever arrangement you need. When you import the content into the LMS, the items marked as LMS Groups are imported as single items and the LMS has no specific knowledge of the children that make up that item.


When a user selects one of these items in the LMS, a launch page appears. When the item is launched, the Player opens in a separate window and allows the user to navigate within the children of the LMS item.


When you mark a section of your outline as an LMS Group, two sets of completion statuses must be kept: the status of the LMS Group itself, reported back to the LMS, and the status of each of the children in the outline, maintained by the Player. The completion status of the LMS Group is maintained very much like that of an assessment: if it is selected from the LMS but not launched, its completion status does not change; if it is launched, its completion status changes to "incomplete" and remains "incomplete" if the user navigates away without completing the LMS Group; if the user completes the LMS Group, its completion status changes to "completed".


Within the LMS Group, completion status for each of the children is maintained by the Player. To complete the LMS Group, the user must complete each of items in the group in the Player. The Player displays completion indicators for each of the items. If the user navigates away from the LMS Group before completing it, the completion status of children in the outline is saved as suspend data in the LMS and is restored when the user later returns to the LMS Group to continue. 


Although scored items within the LMS Group (assessments, inline questions, and topics with Know It? mode available) display a pass or fail indicator in the outline when completed, the LMS Group as a whole is an unscored item and its completion status is either "completed" or "incomplete". 

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