Editable document properties are viewed and modified in the Properties toolpane, which can be opened from the Library and all document editors. By default, the Properties toolpane opens docked on the right side of the Developer window. However, you can undock, move, and resize the Properties toolpane as needed. 

Properties are grouped under categories in the Properties toolpane. Depending on the selected document type, different categories and properties appear. When you select a document, categories such as General, Topic, and System Process Document may appear. You can expand and collapse categories to show or hide the related properties. The expand/collapse state of any category is saved as you navigate to other documents.

When you select a property, its description appears at the bottom of the toolpane. The bottom of the toolpane also displays warning messages when you cannot change the properties for a document.

The Properties toolpane is divided into two columns, with the name of the property in the left column and the value assigned to the property in the right column. You can resize the columns by dragging the vertical border between them. In addition, you can resize the height of the description pane at the bottom of the toolpane to view more or less of the text. When the descriptive pane or a property column is not large enough to display the full contents, pointing to the truncated text displays the full text in a tooltip.

Toolpane Views

The Categorized and Alphabetical buttons that appear at the top of the Properties toolpane control how you view the properties. The Categorized view, which is the default, displays the properties organized by category names. The Alphabetical view removes the category names and sorts all properties in alphabetical order.

Note: The Properties toolpane does not split when you enable a split layout. The properties in the toolpane refer to the document selected in the active layout.

 Multi-user Considerations

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