You can create as many folders as you need to store and organize your content. Creating a logical folder structure makes it easier to locate documents when building an outline. It is best to start with a simple organization for your documents. If you later decide to change your folder structure, you can move folders and the documents in them to other folders. 

When creating a folder, you can insert it at the root of the Library or nest it as a subfolder in another folder. In a folder hierarchy, there are parent folders and child folders. The folder currently selected in the Folders pane is the parent folder and the default location for new a folder. New folders created as subfolders of a parent are called child folders. Therefore, if you want to create a folder at the root level, you must select the folder at the top of the Library.

The following restrictions apply when creating folders:

Long document names are supported for folders, but folder names are limited to 256 characters.

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