When a Date range filter is applied to a report, the Run Report page opens allowing you to enter date range values. You can enter a complete date range or a single beginning or ending date. Entering dates in the From and To fields limits the report to information between, and including, those dates. Entering a From date only gathers data from that date to the present date. Conversely, entering a To date only reports on all data up to and including the entered date. If you omit both beginning and ending dates, the entire database is used for the report. 

You enter dates in the To and From fields using the corresponding calendar controls that pop up when you select a date field.

Note: Depending on the report design, the selected date range can be included at the top of the report.

To apply a date range filter:

  1. Run a report that prompts you to filter for dates.
  2. On the Run Report page, click in the From field and select a starting date from the calendar control, if desired.
  3. Click in the To field and select an ending date from the calendar control, if desired.
  4. Click Process Report.

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