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Sun ZFS Appliance Monitor

Security Guide, Version 1.0

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

1.  Overview

Product Overview

Basic Security Principles

Keep Software Up To Date

Restrict Network Access to Critical Services

Follow the Principle of Least Privilege

Monitor System Activity

Mobile Device Security Features

Architecture Overview

2.  Secure Installation and Configuration

Installation Overview

Password Protection

3.  Security Features

Security Model

Configuring and Using Authentication

Configuring and Using Access Control

Granting Privileges

Secure Deployment Checklist

Create a Separate User Account

Use a Secure Password for the User Account

Use a Strong Passcode on the iOS Device

VPN Access to Appliances

Using This Documentation

This guide describes important information related to security of the Sun ZFS Appliance Monitor. It is written for technicians, system administrators, authorized service providers, and users who administer Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

Product Notes

For late-breaking information and known issues about this product, refer to the product notes at:

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