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Sun ZFS Appliance Monitor

Security Guide, Version 1.0

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

1.  Overview

Product Overview

Basic Security Principles

Keep Software Up To Date

Restrict Network Access to Critical Services

Follow the Principle of Least Privilege

Monitor System Activity

Monitor System Components

Audit and Review

Keep Up To Date on Latest Security Information

Mobile Device Security Features

Architecture Overview

2.  Secure Installation and Configuration

Installation Overview

Password Protection

3.  Security Features

Security Model

Configuring and Using Authentication

Configuring and Using Access Control

Granting Privileges

Secure Deployment Checklist

Create a Separate User Account

Use a Secure Password for the User Account

Use a Strong Passcode on the iOS Device

VPN Access to Appliances

Product Overview

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Appliance Monitor (appliance monitor) is a read-only extension of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance (appliance) browser user interface (BUI). Leveraging the existing XML-RPC framework on the appliance, it can query user-configured appliances and present the same information as the BUI in a rich, convenient, and scalable interface. This information includes:

The appliance monitor runs on Apple iOS 5 and is designed for the iPhone, which provides for the greatest mobility. Management of the appliance, such as creating shares and pools, enabling/disabling services, are not features of the appliance monitor. With such a small form-factor, we want to avoid any accidental destruction of important information, or loss of service.

All mobile devices have a feature to enable a passcode on the mobile device, preventing unwanted users from accessing the application. All communication that takes places between the appliance monitor and a server is done through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL).