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Oracle® Communications IP Service Activator Installation Guide
Release 7.2

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B Directories and Files

This appendix describes directories and files created by the Oracle Universal Installer for Oracle Communications IP Service Activator.

Directory Structure

The Installer creates the directory structure shown in Figure B-1.

Figure B-1 IP Service Activator Directory Structure

Description of Figure B-1 follows
Description of "Figure B-1 IP Service Activator Directory Structure"


The path /opt/OracleCommunications/ServiceActivator is usually indicated as Service_Activator_home in this document.

Symbolic Links

If you choose to run the naming service and component manager automatically, the following symbolic links are created in /opt/OracleCommunications/ServiceActivator:

  • In the /etc/rc0.d directory, K09ipsamgr links to Service_Activator_home/etc/init.d/ipsamgr to shut down the naming service and component manager

  • In the /etc/rc3.d directory, S99ipsamgr links to Service_Activator_home/etc/init.d/ipsamgr to start up the naming service and component manager

Both links point to the file Service_Activator_home/etc/init.d/ipsamgr

The contents of the IP Service Activator directory structure are listed and described in the following sections.

Directories and Contents

Table B-1 lists some of the important directories created by the IP Service Activator installation process and the types of files and programs they contain.

Table B-1 Important Directories Created by Installation Process

Directory Name Contents



IP Service Activator executable and initialization files


Configuration files


Driver scripts for import to IP Service Activator


Contains permanent and product specific files.


GCC, SunPro, Tom Sawyer, InfoVista and Netcool library files.


Example policy files for loading into IP Service Activator.


Contains the icons directory, and the integration_manager.idl file required for CORBA.


The audit log files associated with the Device Drivers are stored in:



Component manager, naming service, Policy Server, system startup log files, and core files are in /opt/OracleCommunications/ServiceActivator/logs. By default, minimal diagnostic output is turned on for the Proxy Agents and Device Drivers.


Files that record the relationships between components are stored in /opt/OracleCommunications/ServiceActivator/ParentStore. Files are created at runtime by components as they register with their parent component.


Component log files are stored in /opt/OracleCommunications/ServiceActivator/WorkingData.


The IP Service Activator administrator's home directory is /export/home/ipsaadm.