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Oracle® Communications IP Service Activator System Administrator's Guide
Release 7.2

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This guide provides detailed instructions for monitoring and managing Oracle Communications IP Service Activator network system; including, user setup, system backup and restoration, system monitoring, database maintenance and troubleshooting.


This document is intended for system administrators responsible for the day-to-day operation of IP Service Activator.

Before reading this guide, you should be familiar with IP Service Activator Version 7.2. See IP Service Activator Concepts for an introduction to IP Service Activator concepts.

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IP Service Activator System Administrator's Guide is one book in the IP Service Activator Release 7.2 documentation set. For more information refer to the following documents:

  • IP Service Activator Concepts: Describes high level concepts and the architecture of IP Service Activator.

  • IP Service Activator Installation Guide: Provides information about the IP Service Activator directory structure and on upgrading IP Service Activator.

  • IP Service Activator User's Guide: Provides information about setting up IP Service Activator system after installation.

  • IP Service Activator Cisco IOS Cartridge Guide: Provides detailed technical information about features, and device configuration for Cisco IOS devices.

  • Backup and Recovery procedures that come with your Oracle database: Provides details on backing up the system.

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