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Oracle® Communications IP Service Activator Concepts
Release 7.2

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6 Extending IP Service Activator

This chapter explains features that can be used to extend Oracle Communications IP Service Activator's activation capabilities using the Configuration Template Module.

About the Configuration Template Module

The IP Service Activator Configuration Template module (CTM) lets you do the following:

  • Create, update, and delete configuration templates

  • Activate a template

  • Perform related activities (view template events, set the lifetime of events, manage user access to CTM, and match templates to schema versions)


You can use Design Studio to import CTM templates, provided the templates are intended for use only in OSM.

If you want to use the CTM template from the IP Service Activator client, you can load the CTM template into the CTM server. If you want to use the CTM template as part of flow-through, use Design Studio to generate a service action for the CTM template and then make use of the service action in the activation task. For information about using CTM in Design Studio, see the Design Studio online Help.

CTM helps you to streamline the activation of services on network objects. Through the use of pre-defined or customized templates, the module extends the IP Service Activator capability to configure devices and interfaces.

CTM consists of three graphical user interfaces (GUIs):

  • The Activation GUI is used to select a template appropriate to an object or set of objects, to fill in data forms, and to send the resulting configuration command set to objects in the network.

  • The Administration GUI is used to show all templates, and to create, modify, view, and delete templates. Templates define the layout of the data entry forms and the configuration commands to be sent.

  • The Audit History GUI is used to review administration events (create, update), provisioning events (activate) and event details.

These applications are launched from an object context within the IP Service Activator client. The launch object can be a network, device, interface, or sub-interface.

To run CTM, you must purchase and run the OSS Integration Manager (OIM). You must also run the IP Service Activator client, CTM Request Server, and Oracle database (SQL and Oracle listener).