Chapter 1. Overview

The Sun Ray computing model has always had a fundamental security advantage at a server/client level, which starts with the Sun Ray Clients themselves. With no local operating system or local applications on the client, sensitive data remains on the server instead of on individual hard drives, desktops, or laptops. This model makes the user's data significantly less vulnerable to theft, loss, and viruses. Security is built into the system by design and is not dependent on keeping clients, which contains sensitive data, patched and updated to ensure data integrity.

Beyond the inherent security benefits of the hardware and the server/client model, security in a Sun Ray environment is provided at the various management layers:

It is recommended that you read the Sun Ray Software Administration Guide to become familiar with the basic features and concepts of the Sun Ray Software product. This Security Guide is intended to provide all the Sun Ray Software security-related information in one place, but you will be referred to the Administration Guide for most of the details.