4.4. Client Access Policy

This section describes the security considerations for client access.

4.4.1. Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients Access

Sun Ray Software enables you to specify whether the Sun Ray server should accept connections from Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients. The default access policy disallows Oracle Virtual Desktop Client connections. To enable access for Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients, you can use the -u option of the utpolicy command or the System Policy page of the Admin GUI. See How to Enable Access for Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients for details.

4.4.2. Client Authentication

Each Sun Ray Client or Oracle Virtual Desktop Client instance can provide a unique authentication value when connecting to a Sun Ray server. You can configure the Sun Ray server to require or not require such a value and to respond in a variety of ways if there is a conflict with the client's expected authenticator value. You can configure client authentication through the utcrypto and utkeyadm commands or the corresponding options in the Security Policy page of the Admin GUI.

New Sun Ray Clients with the factory firmware installed do not provide an authentication value. This is intended to assure that the client's authentication value is not exposed prior to its deployment at the customer site.

For detailed information about client authentication, see Client-Server Security in the Administration Guide.