Chapter 19. Alternate Network Configurations

Table of Contents

19.1. Alternate Network Configurations Overview
19.2. Updating the Default /etc/hosts File Before Configuring Sun Ray Network (Oracle Linux)
19.3. Using a Shared Network Configuration Without External DHCP Services
19.3.1. Shared Network Configuration Worksheet
19.3.2. How to Configure a Sun Ray Server on a Shared Network to Provide DHCP Services
19.3.3. How to List the Current Network Configuration
19.3.4. How to Delete a LAN Subnet
19.3.5. Example Shared Network Setups
19.4. Using a Private Network Configuration
19.4.1. Private Network Configuration Worksheet
19.4.2. How to Configure a Sun Ray Server in a Private Network
19.4.3. How to List the Current Network Configuration
19.4.4. How to Print a Private Network Configuration
19.4.5. How to Delete an Interface
19.4.6. Example Private Network Setup
19.5. Sun Ray Client Initialization Requirements Using DHCP
19.5.1. DHCP Basics
19.5.2. DHCP Parameter Discovery
19.5.3. DHCP Relay Agent
19.5.4. Simplifying DHCP Configuration of Remote Sun Ray Clients
19.5.5. Standard DHCP Parameters
19.5.6. Vendor-specific DHCP Options
19.5.7. Encapsulated Options
19.6. Failover Groups
19.6.1. Network Topologies
19.6.2. Setting Up IP Addressing
19.6.3. Sun Ray Server Failover Group Worksheet

This chapter provides alternative network configurations that are supported for Sun Ray Software.