14.12. How to Downgrade Firmware on a Sun Ray Client

As a general recommendation, your Sun Ray Clients should always have the latest firmware installed. However, there may be times when you need to downgrade the firmware to a previous release.

Every firmware has its own barrier level value, which is used to determine if the firmware installed on the Sun Ray server is newer than the one installed on the Sun Ray Client as it boots up. In most cases, if the firmware barrier level on the Sun Ray Client is lower than the firmware barrier level on the Sun Ray server, the new firmware will be automatically updated on the Sun Ray Client when it boots.

To downgrade firmware on a Sun Ray Client, you can use the -F option of the utfwadm command to manipulate the barrier level and force the downgrade to occur. When using this option, the BarrierLevel key is set in the client-specific .parms entry.

Use the following procedure to downgrade the firmware on a specific Sun Ray Client.

  1. Download and unzip the Sun Ray Software media pack containing the firmware you want to install and make it accessible to the Sun Ray server.


    In Sun Ray Software releases before the 5.3 release, the Sun Ray Client firmware images were part of the Sun Ray Software media pack. Starting with the Sun Ray Software 5.3, the firmware images were separated into the Sun Ray Operating Software release.

    See http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sunrayproducts/downloads/index.html

  2. Become superuser on the Sun Ray server.

  3. Configure the firmware downgrade for a Sun Ray Client.

    # utfwadm -AVF -e enetAddr -f firmware

    Where enetAddr is the MAC address of the Sun Ray Client to downgrade and firmware is the relative path to the firmware image. The firmware image is located in the firmware package in the Sun Ray Software media pack. For example, in the Sun Ray Software 5.2 media pack, it is located in the srss_4.3/Components/10-SRSS/Content/Sun_Ray_Core_Services_4.3/Solaris_10+/sparc/Packages/SUNWutfw/reloc/SUNWut/lib/firmware directory.

    This command is for a Sun Ray server configured on a shared network (LAN) with external DHCP server support (used utadm -L on for network configuration). See the examples following this procedure for alternate network configurations.

  4. Power-cycle the Sun Ray Client to downgrade the firmware.


If you want to update the Sun Ray Client back to the latest firmware installed on the Sun Ray server, use the following command on the server to remove the specific client's entry from the .parms file and power-cycle the Sun Ray Client:

# utfwadm -DV -e enetAddr
Alternate Network Configuration Examples

Use the following utfwadm command examples for alternate network configurations: