Chapter 9. Hotdesking

Table of Contents

9.1. Hotdesking Overview
9.2. Hotdesking Without Smart Cards
9.2.1. NSCM and Failover Groups
9.2.2. How to Enable NSCM Sessions
9.2.3. How to Log in to an NSCM Session
9.3. Regional Hotdesking
9.3.1. Regional Hotdesking Process
9.3.2. Regional Hotdesking Site Requirements
9.3.3. Providing Site Integration Logic
9.3.4. How to Configure a Site-specific Mapping Library
9.3.5. How to Use Token Readers with Regional Hotdesking
9.3.6. How to Configure the Sample Data Store
9.4. Remote Hotdesk Authentication (RHA)
9.4.1. How to Disable Remote Hotdesk Authentication
9.4.2. How to Re-enable Remote Hotdesk Authentication

This chapter describes how to configure regional hotdesking and hotdesking without smart cards.