Chapter 11. Client-Server Security

Table of Contents

11.1. Client-Server Security Overview
11.2. Encryption and Authentication
11.2.1. Security Modes
11.2.2. How to Force Encryption
11.2.3. How to Force Server Authentication
11.2.4. How to Disable Client Authentication
11.2.5. How to Force Client Authentication From All Clients
11.3. Managing Client Keys
11.3.1. Key Fingerprint
11.3.2. How to Deny Access to Clients With Unconfirmed Keys
11.3.3. How to Confirm a Specific Client Key
11.3.4. How to Confirm All Unconfirmed Client Keys
11.3.5. How to Display a Client's Fingerprint Key from a Sun Ray Client
11.3.6. How to Display All Client Keys
11.3.7. How to Display All Keys for a Specific Client
11.3.8. How to Delete a Specific Client Key
11.3.9. How to Delete All Client Keys for a Specific Client
11.4. Displaying Security Status
11.4.1. How to Display Security Status for a Sun Ray Client
11.4.2. How to Display Security Status for All Sessions
11.5. Authentication Troubleshooting
11.5.1. Error Messages

This chapter provides details on the security aspects of the interactions between the desktop clients and the Sun Ray server.

For more information about all the security aspects of Sun Ray Software, refer to the Sun Ray Software 5.4 Security Guide.