17.14. Multi-Monitor Support

Sun Ray Software supports specific multiple monitor configurations as described in Chapter 12, Multiple Monitor Configurations. When using the Windows connector, the following monitor configurations are supported by the multi-monitor feature on a Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012 remote desktop session:


When playing a video in the primary display, the video will stop playing if you drag the video window to the secondary display. This is a limitation in Windows.

The Xinerama enumeration is enabled by default for the Windows connector. To disable this feature, use the -X off option of the uttsc command. Refer to the uttsc man page for more information about the -X option.

For detailed information about how to configure the remote desktop session to use multiple monitors, see Configure Monitor Settings for a Remote Session.

The supported configurations for multihead group size and geometry are the same when using a Windows session. If you want to span the remote desktop session across multiple monitors, you can use the full screen mode (-m option of the uttsc command) together with a multihead group.