3.2 Installing Oracle VM Agent for SPARC

To install Oracle VM Agent for SPARC:

  1. On the control domain, unpack the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC archive file:

    # tar xzf ovs-ldoms-xx.tar.gz
  2. Run the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC installer:

    # cd ovs-ldoms-xx
    # ./install
    Oracle VM Agent Release 3.x.x Installer 
  3. The installer installs all required packages

    - Installing Packages
               Packages to install:  6
           Create boot environment: No
    Create backup boot environment: No
                Services to change:  1
    DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
    Completed                                6/6       226/226      1.6/1.6    0B/s
    PHASE                                          ITEMS
    Installing new actions                       353/353
    Updating package state database                 Done
    Updating image state                            Done
    Creating fast lookup database                   Done
    Reading search index                            Done
    Updating search index                            6/6
  4. The installer runs the Oracle VM Agent setup tool, ovs-agent-setup. For more information about the Oracle VM Agent setup tool, see Section 3.3, “Configuring Oracle VM Agent for SPARC”.

    - Configuring the OVS Agent
  5. The installer enables all required SMF services. See Section 3.5, “Using the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC Service” for information on using the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC service.

    - Enabling Required Services
    Installation Completed.

The Oracle VM Agent for SPARC is installed in the control domain. Oracle VM Server for SPARC is now configured and ready to be discovered and managed by Oracle VM Manager.

To use the serial console in Oracle VM Manager to connect to your virtual machines, you must first install the prerequisite JTA2 software package. See Section 4.4.4, “Installing and Configuring Virtual Machine Console Utilities” for information on installing the JTA2 software package on the Oracle VM Manager host computer.