8.1 Importing an assembly

This example shows you how to import a virtual machine assembly. If you downloaded an Oracle VM template from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud which contains an template.ova file, you should use this procedure to import the assembly. An assembly is the most recent format used by Oracle to publish Oracle VM templates. Replace the name and URL of the assembly with that of your assembly.

To import an assembly:

  1. Click the Repositories tab. Select the repository in which to import the template. Click Assemblies in the navigation tree.

  2. Click Import VM Assembly... Import VM Assembly... icon in the management pane toolbar.

  3. The Import VM Assembly dialog box is displayed. Select an Oracle VM Server to use to the perform the assembly import, and enter the URL to the assembly you downloaded and stored on a web server. Click OK to import the assembly.

    This figure shows the Import VM Assembly dialog box.

    The import job can take some time to complete. When the import job is complete, the new assembly is listed in the table.