Chapter 2 Introduction to Oracle VM

Table of Contents

2.1 Introduction to Oracle VM
2.1.1 Xen™ Technology
2.1.2 Oracle VM Server for SPARC
2.2 Oracle VM Features
2.3 Oracle VM Integrated Support
2.4 Terminology
2.4.1 Hypervisor
2.4.2 Domains, Guests and Virtual Machines
2.4.3 Management Domain (dom0)
2.4.4 Domains (domU)
2.4.5 Storage and Storage Repositories
2.4.6 Server Pools
2.4.7 Networks
2.4.8 Jobs and Events
2.5 Servers and Server Pools
2.6 Storage
2.6.1 How Oracle VM Connects to its Storage
2.6.2 Usage of Storage Elements
2.7 Networking
2.8 High Availability, Load Balancing and Power Management
2.9 Virtual Machines
2.10 Deployment Options
2.11 Oracle VM Templates
2.12 Managing Oracle VM using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

This chapter contains introductory information about Oracle VM, its components, architecture, and deployment options.