Chapter 1 Oracle VM Utilities Overview

Table of Contents

1.1 Downloading and Installing Oracle VM Utilities
1.1.1 Installing Oracle VM Utilities on Oracle VM Manager
1.1.2 Installing Oracle VM Utilities on Oracle Linux
1.1.3 Directory Structure of Oracle VM Utilities
1.2 Introduction to Oracle VM Utilities
1.3 Introduction to Oracle VM Guest Additions

The Oracle VM Utilities are a collection of command line scripts that allow you to perform a set of basic management tasks on Oracle VM Servers and virtual machines in an Oracle VM environment. These utilities are particularly useful to administrators who need to execute certain operations quickly and/or repeatedly. Using the command line scripts makes these tasks quicker and easier to perform.


The command line scripts in the Oracle VM Utilities are provided as-is for your convenience. With the exception of the operations required to perform hard partitioning as described in the Oracle VM User's Guide and in the whitepaper Hard Partitioning With Oracle VM Server for x86 located at, they are not officially and formally supported by Oracle.