Chapter 2 Performing a Secure Oracle VM Installation

Table of Contents

2.1 Oracle VM Pre-Installation Tasks
2.1.1 Preparing the Oracle VM Management Server
2.1.2 Preparing the Management Network
2.2 Installing Oracle VM Manager
2.3 Installing Oracle VM Server
2.4 Recommended Oracle VM Deployment Configurations
2.5 Oracle VM Post-Installation Configuration
2.5.1 Adding a Trusted CA Certificate and Keystore for SSL Encryption
2.5.2 Securing Oracle VM Agent Communications with a Certificate
2.5.3 Changing Certificate Settings for VNC and Live Migration
2.5.4 Enabling LDAP Authentication on Dom0
2.5.5 Setting Up Virtual Machine Access

This section provides an overview to planning an installation, and instructions for installing a secure system. It describes security-related deployment issues for each installed component; for example, Oracle database and WebLogic Server.

Oracle VM automatically installs into a secure state. This section explains any security implications for choices made in the installation procedure, and how to enable any high security options, such as SSL. As the installation instructions suggest, the user should avoid installing components that are not needed in a specific deployment.

Security measures applied in a default installation include: