A.25 create SanServer

Discovers a SAN server.


create SanServer plugin=name storageType= { FibreChannelStorageArray | iSCSIStorageArray } [accessHost=value] [accessPort=value] [ accessUsername=value accessPassword=value ] [useChap= { yes | no }] [ adminHost=value adminUserName=value adminPassword=value ] name=value [description=value]


This command discovers a SAN server and adds it to Oracle VM Manager. If you are adding a non-generic SAN server also enter the additional plug-in options to enable Oracle VM Manager to access the file server's configuration management functions using the adminHost option. To add more access hosts to enable multipathing on ISCSI servers, use the addAccessHost command.

After discovering a SAN server, you should add storage initiators to it, add admin servers to it, then refresh it.


The following table shows the available options for this command.




The storage plug-in to use for the SAN server. If a vendor specific plug-in is configured it is made available as an option here. To see the list of options, use the ? option, for example:

OVM> create SanServer plugin=?

storageType= { FibreChannelStorageArray | iSCSIStorageArray }

The storage type for the SAN server.


The hostname or IP address for the SAN server. This is not applicable to fibre channel storage arrays.


The port on which access to the SAN server is allowed. When adding iSCSI storage, add the access port as well. The default access port for iSCSI is 3260. If not specified, the default port is used automatically.


A username with administrative access to the SAN server, used with accessHost. This option should only be used where CHAP is enabled on the SAN server.


The password for the accessUsername user. This option should only be used where CHAP is enabled on the SAN server.

useChap= { yes | no }

Whether to use CHAP authentication.


The host name or IP address where administrative access to the SAN server is allowed.


A user name with administrative access to the SAN server, used with adminHost.


The administrator password for the adminUserName user.


A name to identify the SAN server.


Optional description for the SAN server.


Any create command only creates a single instance of an object, and therefore only accepts a single object instance as an attribute. Providing more than one object of the same attribute type as a parameter always results in the last attribute value taking precedence.


Example A.33 Discovering a SAN server

OVM> create SanServer plugin="Oracle Generic SCSI Plugin(1.2.1)" name=MyISCIServer \
  storageType=iSCSIStorageArray accessHost= accessport=3260

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