A.56 edit VmDiskMapping

Edits the virtual machine disk mapping object.


edit VmDiskMapping instance [name=value] [description=value]

Where instance is:

{ id=id | name=name }


This command edits the virtual machine disk mapping object. Do not use this command to change the disk mapping in a virtual machine, this is just for the object that contains the disk mapping information. To edit a virtual disk or CDROM mapped to a virtual machine, remove it using the delete VmDiskMapping command, then use the create VmDiskMapping command again to remap it to a virtual machine with any changed settings.

Although none of the options are mandatory, you must supply at least one option.


The following table shows the available options for this command.




A name to identify the disk mapping.


To find this name after a virtual disk is mapped to a virtual machine, use the list VmDiskMapping command.


Optional description for the disk mapping object.

{ id=id | name=name }

The instance of the object using either the id or name option, for example name=MyDiskMap.


Example A.75 Editing a virtual disk mapping object

OVM> edit VmDiskMapping id=0004fb0000130000409cd9340443e257 name=MyDiskMap

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