6.2 To create a storage repository on a SAN server

  1. Find the file system you want to use to create the storage repository with the list PhysicalDisk command, for example:

    OVM> list PhysicalDisk
      id:0004fb000018000056ae6a85d4474461  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86257005
      id:0004fb00001800009896ed1ca8e3ee5c  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86571931
      id:0004fb000018000051a357cffef313c2  name:FreeBSD (1)
      id:0004fb0000180000647fb9054783d1c4  name:FreeBSD (2)
      id:0004fb00001800009b72e3fb0c468142  name:FreeBSD (3)
      id:0004fb0000180000ba63ec88aa330640  name:FreeBSD (4)
      id:0004fb0000180000a042d897ecbf8b2c  name:FreeBSD (5)
      id:0004fb000018000091194eed2490e09d  name:FreeBSD (6)
      id:0004fb000018000041883f8012028079  name:FreeBSD (7)
      id:0004fb000018000060759fe97b407452  name:FreeBSD (8)
      id:0004fb0000180000aaad232b0daa0f97  name:FreeBSD (9)
      id:0004fb00001800009ebad6fd7ad4e087  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86288968
      id:0004fb000018000006abba7ddb7373a3  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86287217
      id:0004fb00001800003e85e8167af61c97  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86575561
      id:0004fb00001800005ce71884046579a4  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86578492
      id:0004fb0000180000d566f3335e919303  name:SATA_WDC_WD5001ABYS-_WD-WCAS86575890
  2. Create the storage repository. Use the syntax:

    create Repository { fileSystem=value | serverPool=value physicalDisk=value } [ sharePath=value ] name=value [ description=value ]

    For example:

    OVM> create Repository name=MySANRepository serverPool=MyServerPool \

    For more information on the syntax and usage, see Section A.24, “create Repository” .

  3. To grant access to the storage repository to any Oracle VM Servers, you must present the Oracle VM Server to the storage repository. To present Oracle VM Servers or all the members of a server pool to a storage repository, use the syntax:

    add Server instance to { ServerPool | FileServer | SanServer | Repository | NfsAccessGroup } instance

    For example:

    OVM> add Server name=MyServer to Repository name=MyRepository

    For more information on the syntax and usage, see Section A.10, “add Server” .

  4. Finally, refresh the storage repository using the syntax:

    refresh { Assembly | FileServer | FileSystem | PhysicalDisk | Repository | SanServer | Server } instance

    For example:

    OVM> refresh Repository name=MyRepository

    For more information on the syntax and usage, see Section A.75, “refresh” .