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Oracle® Communications Order and Service Management System Administrator's Guide
Release 7.2.2

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12 Configuring Time Zone Settings

This chapter describes how to configure time zone settings in Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM). This is an optional configuration task.

Configuring Time Zone Settings

The oms_timezone parameter, in the om_parameter table of the database, must be set to the non-dst timezone. This setting must be defined in seconds offset to GMT for the time zone where your OSM database resides. For example, if you are setting this parameter for Eastern Standard Time (EST), use the value -18000 (60 seconds x 60 minutes = 3600 seconds–or one hour–x 5 for five hours offset from GMT). Time zones east of GMT use positive numbers, and time zones west of GMT use negative numbers.

This setting must be done to the OSM database/schema at creation time. The parameter is called "oms server tz offset seconds" in the Scripter. This value is used by both the OSM database and OSM Administrator.

The database_timezone_offset, in the oms-config.xml file of the OSM server, must be set to be exactly the same as the value set in 1. This value is used by the OSM server.