Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 2 (



getMergedTimeZoneSelectItems get merged time zone select items

This function takes a timezone ID parameter and merges it with a list of commonly used timezones. The TimeZone whose ID is specified by the argument is inserted into the list according to raw offset order, if it is not already present.

The return value is a java.util.List containing a javax.model.SelectItem for each timezone, where the select item's value is set to the TimeZone object, and the label is set to the timezone's name.

<source> <af:selectOneChoice label="Select a new timezone" value="#{demoInput.timeZoneId}" autoSubmit="true"> <f:selectItems value="#{af:getMergedTimeZoneSelectItems(demoInput.timeZoneId)}"/> </af:selectOneChoice> </source>


Name Type Description
timezoneID java.lang.String The timezone ID to include with the returned List of common timezones.