A Troubleshooting

This appendix describes problems with various aspects of ADF Mobile applications, as well as how to diagnose and resolve them.

A.1 Problems with Input Components on iOS Simulators


On ADF Mobile applications deployed to iOS simulators, text entered into one <amx:inputText> component field becomes attached to the beginning of the text entered in subsequent field when navigating from one field to another using a mouse. For example, on a page with First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name input text fields, if you enter John in the First Name field, then click the Middle Name field, and enter P, the text displays as JohnP. Likewise, when you click the Last Name field, and enter Smith, the text in that field displays as JohnPSmith, as shown in Figure A-1.

Figure A-1 Text Values Concatenate in Subsequent <amx:inputText> fields

Text problems on iOS simulator.


This behavior only occurs on iOS simulators and in web pages, not on actual devices.


Use the keyboard on the simulator to traverse the input text fields rather than the mouse.