What's New in This Guide in Release

For Release, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

For changes made to Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) for this release, see the What's New page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/documentation/index.html.

Sections Changes Made

Chapter 22, "Creating Complex Task Flows"


Section 22.2, "Sharing Data Controls Between Task Flows"

Revised and consolidated information about sharing data control instances between task flows.

Chapter 33, "Creating Databound ADF Data Visualization Components"


Section 33.2.7, "Configuring Databound Graphs for Drilling"

Section added to describe drilling configuration for databound graphs.

Chapter 35, "Enabling ADF Security in a Fusion Web Application"


Section, "Creating Login Code for the Backing Bean"

Section revised to update the login bean sample to use the Oracle WebLogic Server API method URLCallbackHandler() instead of the now deprecated SimpleCallbackHandler() method. Also updated the Before You Begin prerequisite tasks to import the required Oracle WebLogic Server library.

Chapter 45, Using the Active Data Service


Section 45.1.2, "Limitations of the Active Data Service Framework"

Section revised to remove requirement that end users of applications with ADS configured must disable the popup blockers in their web browser. This limitation no longer exists and ADS now functions with most popup blockers enabled.

Appendix I, Deploying ADF Applications to GlassFish


Appendix I, "Deploying ADF Applications to GlassFish"

New appendix added to provide instructions for deploying ADF applications to the GlassFish Server. This appendix includes information on creating application server connections, deployment profiles, deployment descriptors, and setting JDBC data source.