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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Java API Interface Guide
Release 11g R1 (

Part Number E29133-03
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6 Compiling and Running with the API

Compile the Application with the Oracle DataLens Libraries

To compile your class with the Oracle DataLens Server client calls, the Oracle DataLens Server client libraries (opdq-api1.jar and jdom-1.0.jar) will need to be part of your CLASSPATH.

These jar files are located in the \DevToolKit\java_api\lib directory.

Add this to your CLASSPATH environment variable or use in the command-line Java compile as follows:

javac -classpath " opdq-api1.jar; jdom-1.0.jar"

This creates the WfgClientTest.class file that is part of your application.

Run the Application with the Oracle DataLens Libraries

The Oracle DataLens Server libraries need to be referenced when running an application that accesses the Oracle DataLens Server.

The following is an example of running the program compiled in the previous example.

java  -cp " opdq-api1.jar; jdom-1.0.jar;.;" WfgClientTest

In this case, you are using the API and the jdom-1.0 libraries, running the Java class file that were just compiled.