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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data R12 PIM Connector User's Guide
Release 11g R1 (

Part Number E29140-01
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A Creating R12 PIM Connector Users

This appendix provides a basic outline for creating R12 PIM Connector users in EBS for use by Enterprise DQ for Product client applications and R12 PIM Connector batch processing.

The process for setting up the required roles and users and updating the profile options in EBS is as follows:

Create the necessary roles and users in EBS:

  1. Log in to the EBS as a System Administrator.

  2. Click System Administrator.

  3. Create two new roles named, dlsuser and dlsmanager, with the following privileges:

    • Add/Delete Approved Manufacturer Parts Item

    • Add/Delete Customer Item Cross References

    • Add/Delete Item Cross References

    • Add/Delete Related Items

    • Add/Update Item Revision

    • Change Item Status

    • Create Item Supplier Assignment

    • Create/Edit Item Organization Assignments

    • Edit Item

    • Edit Item Catalog Assignments

    • Edit Key Metrics

    • Edit Source System Item Cross Reference

    • View Approved Manufacturer Parts Item

    • View Customer Item Cross References

    • View Item

    • View Item/Item revision lifecycle

    • View Item Catalog Assignments

    • View Item Cross References

    • View Item Organization Assignments

    • View Item Revision List

    • View Item Supplier Assignment

    • View Key Metrics

    • View Related Items

  4. Create the following two required users:

    • dlsuser - The user assigned to the batches created by the Enterprise DQ for Product R12 PIM Connector.

    • dlsmanager - The user who creates the batches with the Enterprise DQ for Product R12 PIM Connector.

  5. Assign each of these new users the responsibility that uses the roles, dlsuser and dlsmanager, created in step 2.

  6. Assign each user to an organization that will be used. For example, Vision Operations.

  7. Add Cross Reference Privileges to the organization by adding a new role called Item Author to the organization for all users.

  8. By default, the profile options for DLS_PIMMGR_USER and DLS_EGO_IMPORT_BATCH_ASSIGNEE are assigned to the user operations. Change these profile options to use dlsuser and dlsmanager respectively.