Common 6.2.1

Glossary  | PDF
Defines terms used in Oracle Endeca Commerce.

Compatibility Matrix  | PDF
A cross-reference of Oracle Endeca Commerce product version compatibility.

Getting Started Guide  | PDF
Walks you through the process of setting up your Oracle Endeca Commerce implementation, based on a sample wine application.

Concepts Guide  | PDF
Introduces you to the Oracle Endeca Commerce platform and walks you through the application development process. After reading this guide, you will understand the key concepts underlying Oracle Endeca Commerce applications and be able to start building your own.

IAP Administrator's Guide  | PDF
Describes tasks involved in administering and maintaining applications built on the Oracle Endeca Commerce platform. It bridges the gap between the work performed by the Services team when your Oracle Endeca Commerce implementation is initially deployed, and the issues that you, as a system administrator, may need to address to maintain the system.

Third-Party Software Usage and Licenses  | PDF
Provides copyright, license agreement, and/or disclaimer of warranty information for any third-party software packages and other components that Oracle Endeca Commerce incorporates.