A record list property value contained within an IContentItem object.

In addition to the record list value of the property object, the IRecordListProperty contains the NavigationCommand that was used to generate the record list. It also contains the corresponding NavigationResult.

These two additional values are not null only if a navigation query was used to define the record list. If a record query was used, null is returned for these values.

This additional information can be used to create the "see-all" query link for the record list.

Namespace:  Endeca.Data.Content.Navigation
Assembly:  Endeca.Data.Content (in Endeca.Data.Content.dll) Version: (


public interface IRecordListProperty : IProperty
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Interface IRecordListProperty _
	Implements IProperty
Visual C++
public interface class IRecordListProperty : IProperty

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