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Packages that use RecordId
com.endeca.itl.recordstore Classes for interacting with a Record Store instance. 

Uses of RecordId in com.endeca.itl.recordstore

Methods in com.endeca.itl.recordstore that return types with arguments of type RecordId
static List<RecordId> RecordId.createRecordIdCollection(Collection<String> recordIds)

Methods in com.endeca.itl.recordstore with parameters of type RecordId
 int RecordId.compareTo(RecordId o)

Method parameters in com.endeca.itl.recordstore with type arguments of type RecordId
 List<Record> RecordStore.readRecordsById(TransactionId transactionId, GenerationId generationId, List<RecordId> recordIds)
          Reads a set of Records corresponding to the given ids in the given generation.

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