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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity UIM Integration Cartridge Guide
Release 7.2.2

Part Number E35810-01
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1 Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle Communications Network Integrity UIM Integration cartridge.

About the UIM Integration Cartridge

The UIM Integration cartridge provides discrepancy detection, discrepancy resolution, and import functionality for integration with Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management (UIM). The UIM Integration cartridge supports logical device and physical device hierarchies.

The cartridge contains an abstract import action that is extended by the deployable Import action. The abstract import action supports extensibility where custom scan parameters are required for selective import of data. The deployable import action has scan parameters to control import of logical device and physical device trees, and to specify matching criteria for devices.

The import action allows logical device and physical device trees in UIM to be imported to Network Integrity for comparison of objects with discovered data.

The cartridge contains an abstract discrepancy detection action that supports UIM-specific behavior like matching by nativeEMSName and excluding Device Interface Configuration. The discrepancy detection action provides the mechanism to allow a filtered comparison of logical and physical trees between data that is discovered and data that is imported from UIM.

The cartridge contains an abstract discrepancy resolution action that supports resolution of both logical device and physical device trees. The discrepancy resolution action allows the discovered logical device and physical device trees to be created and updated in UIM. For more information about discrepancy detection and discrepancy resolution, see Network Integrity Developer's Guide.

About the UIM Sample Web Service

The UIM Sample Web service enables Network Integrity to communicate with UIM and perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations on entity instances in UIM.

See "UIM Sample Web Service Operations" for more information about the UIM Sample Web service and Web service operations.

About Cartridge Dependencies

This section provides information about dependencies that the UIM Integration cartridge has on other entities.

The Network_Integrity_Cartridge_Projects\UIM_Integration_Cartridge\ project is dependent on the UIM_Cartridge_Projects\ora_ni_uim_webservice\ project being available in Oracle Communications Design Studio for compilation if you intend to modify the Web service.

The UIM_Integration_Cartridge project contains the buildUimClient.xml file, which is dependent on the UIM_Cartridge_Projects\ora_ni_uim_webservice\wsdl\NI_Uim.wsdl file.

The buildUimClient.xml file must have target ALL run if you are modifying the Web service and must be successful before you compile the UIM Integration cartridge.

Run-Time Dependencies

For the UIM Integration cartridge to work at run time, you must install the following:

  • UIM

  • ora_ni_uim_ocim

The following component must be installed in UIM:

  • The Network Integrity UIM Sample Web service

  • ora_ni_uim_ocim

Design Studio Dependencies

Before you load the UIM Integration cartridge into Oracle Communications Design Studio, the following cartridges must be installed in Design Studio:

  • The Network Integrity SDK cartridge

  • ora_ni_uim_ocim

Opening the Cartridge Files in Design Studio

To review and extend the UIM Integration cartridge, download the Oracle Communications Network Integrity UIM Integration Cartridge media pack from the Oracle software delivery Web site:

The following media packs are available:


These are Java projects that can be loaded into Eclipse and that contain identical software. These folders are duplicated depending on which Network Integrity software cartridges you want to use.

The Network_Integrity_Cartridge_Projects\UIM_Integration_Cartridge\ project contains the extendable Design Studio files.

You can find the WSDL and schema files within the Java projects.

The WSDL and schemas are located in the following paths:

See Network Integrity Concepts for guidelines and best practices for extending cartridges.

See Network Integrity Developer's Guide for information about opening files in Design Studio.

Building and Deploying the Cartridge

See Design Studio Help for information about building and deploying cartridges.