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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity UIM Integration Cartridge Guide
Release 7.2.2

Part Number E35810-01
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6 Building the UIM Sample Web Service Client

This chapter provides instructions for building the Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management (UIM) Sample Web service client JAR file. This file is used by the UIM Integration cartridge. This client jar is available in the ora_ni_uim_webservice project.

This procedure is required only when you want to modify the Web service and have the UIM Integration cartridge use it. To use the Web service in client software, you must generate the NI_UimClient.jar file.

Generating the NI UIM Client JAR File

To generate the JAR file:

  1. Set up the file. See "Installing the UIM Sample Web Service" for instructions.

  2. Execute the All target using the buildUimClient.xml ANT file.

  3. Copy the NI_UimClient.jar file from the webarchive\ora_ni_uim_webservices_cartproj folder into the UIM Integration cartridge lib directory.

The NI_UimClient.jar file is generated, which can then be used in client software.