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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Installation Guide
Release 7.2.2

Part Number E36031-01
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1 Network Integrity Installation Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the installation process of Oracle Communications Network Integrity.

Directory Placeholders Used in This Guide

Table 1-1 lists the placeholders that are used in this guide:

Table 1-1 Network Integrity Directory Placeholders

Placeholder Description


The directory in which the Network Integrity software is installed.


The directory in which the Oracle Fusion Middleware products, files, and folders are installed, such as WebLogic Server. Also contains the utils directory.


The directory in which WebLogic Server is installed. WL_Home is located in MW_Home.


The directory containing the configuration for the domain into which Network Integrity is installed. The default location is MW_Home/user_projects/domains/domain_name, where domain_name is the name of the WebLogic Server domain for Network Integrity.

Overview of the Installation Procedure

The following is an outline of the installation procedure for Network Integrity:

  1. Plan your installation, including:

    • Determine the scale of your implementation; for example, is it a small test system, or a large production system. To determine the scale, you may need to assess the scale of the network or data set to be discovered or reconciled.

    • Assess how many physical systems you need, and which software components to install on which systems.

    • Plan the system topology; for example, determining whether you want a standalone deployment or a clustered deployment.

  2. Review the system requirements, as described in "Network Integrity System Requirements".

  3. Install and configure the Oracle Database, as described in "Installing and Configuring the Oracle Database":

  4. Install and configure the Oracle WebLogic server, as described in "Installing and Configuring Oracle WebLogic Server".

  5. Install and configure additional software, as described in "Installing and Configuring Additional Software".

  6. Install Network Integrity, as described in "Installing Network Integrity".

  7. Perform post-installation configuration tasks, as described in "Network Integrity Post-Installation Tasks".

  8. Verify the installation, as described in "Verifying the Network Integrity Installation".

About the Installer

You install Network Integrity using the Oracle Universal Installer. The Installer installs the core application and configures connections with the components, according to the connection details you provide during installation. See the Oracle Universal Installer documentation for more information about the Installer.

Installation Options

You can install Network Integrity in GUI mode (using the Installer) or in silent mode.

Ensuring a Successful Installation

Network Integrity installations should be performed only by qualified personnel. You must be familiar with the following before you begin the installation:

Oracle recommends that the installation and configuration of the Oracle database be performed by an experienced database administrator.

Follow these guidelines: