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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Installation Guide
Release 7.2.2

Part Number E36031-01
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11 Uninstalling Network Integrity

This chapter describes how to uninstall Oracle Communications Network Integrity.

About Uninstalling Network Integrity

You use the Oracle Universal Installer to uninstall Network Integrity. You can also uninstall other components of the Network Integrity product using the Oracle Universal Installer.

Uninstalling Network Integrity or Network Integrity Components

To uninstall Network Integrity, or a component belonging to the Network Integrity product:

  1. Go to the location of the install folder into which you have untarred the original Network Integrity installation file. The folder structure should look something like the folder structure shown here:


  2. In the install folder, run the OUI executable file runInstaller by using the following command syntax:


    The Oracle Universal Installer installation wizard starts.

    The Welcome screen appears.

  3. Click Deinstall Products.

    The Inventory screen appears.

  4. Select the item(s) you want to uninstall.

  5. Click Remove.


    Selecting Show Empty Homes displays any previously created Oracle product homes. Select displayed homes, or folders, to remove them.

    The User Input screen appears.

  6. In the WebLogic User Password field, enter your WebLogic user password, and click OK.

    The Confirmation screen appears.

  7. View and confirm your selection, and click Next.

    You can see the remove progress as the selected components are uninstalled.

    The installer removes Network Integrity files and directories, except the logs. If required, delete the log files manually. The logs can be found at the following location:



    Some files and directories will not be removed from the Network Integrity home directory during uninstallation. Verify that these remaining files and directories do not contain any customized information that may be necessary for upgrades, and if required, remove the files manually.

    The Network Integrity schema, Network Integrity user, Cartridge Deployer Client and CMWS user will not be removed during uninstallation. The database schema and application users can be used by other applications, so they should not be deleted.

  8. Remove the MDS schema user. Refer to Oracle Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility User's Guide for details on removing/dropping the schema.

Uninstalling Network Integrity Using the Silent Mode

To uninstall Network Integrity using the silent mode:

  1. Use the following command to uninstall Network Integrity:

    ./runInstaller -responseFile Path -silent -deinstall

    Here path is the location of the response file that was created during silent mode installation of Network Integrity.

  2. After a successful uninstall, you get a message indicating that Network Integrity has been uninstalled successfully.