Tools and Frameworks 3.1.0

Release Notes  | .txt
Provides general release information including bug fixes and known issues.

Tools and Frameworks Installation Guide  | PDF
Provides installation instructions for setting up Oracle Endeca Tools and Frameworks on Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Deployment Template Usage Guide  | PDF
Describes how to configure, run, and customize the Deployment Template, a utility that creates the directory structure required for deploying an Endeca application.

Deployment Template Module for Product Catalog Integration Usage Guide  | PDF
Describes how to install, configure, and run the Deployment Template Module for Product Catalog Integration. The module integrates data from product catalog systems, such as Oracle ATG Web Commerce, with Endeca search applications.

Workbench Administrator's Guide  | PDF
Describes the tasks involved in configuring and administering an Oracle Endeca Workbench implementation.

Assembler Application Developer's Guide  | PDF
Describes the Endeca Assembler and the configuration and customization tasks required to implement features in an Assembler application.

Experience Manager Cartridge Developer's Guide  | PDF
Provides an overview of the Endeca Assembler processing model and describes how develop custom cartridges.

Experience Manager Editor Developer's Guide  | PDF
Describes how to develop custom editors for Experience Manager using the Experience Manager Extension SDK.

URL Optimization API for Java Developer's Guide  | PDF
Describes the major tasks involved in developing an Assembler application that uses the Endeca URL Optimization API for Java.

Assembler API Reference (Javadoc)  | HTML
Generated API reference documentation for the Assembler API.