Platform Services 6.0.3

Release Notes  | .txt
Provides general release information including bug fixes and known issues.

Platform Services Migration Guide  | PDF
Describes the major tasks necessary to upgrade to Endeca Platform Services 6.1.x from either Platform Services 6.0.1 or IAP 5.1.x.

Platform Services Installation Guide  | PDF
Contains installation instructions for setting up Endeca Platform Services on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Content Adapter Developer's Guide  | PDF
Describes how to use the Content Adapter Development Kit to create content connections and transform records.

Control System Guide  | PDF
Describes the tasks involved in configuring and administering an Endeca implementation running in an Endeca 6.1.x Control System environment. Note that the Control System is deprecated. New application development should use the Endeca Application Controller.

Data Foundry Expression Reference  | PDF
Describes the Data Foundry expressions available for use in a record manipulator component in Developer Studio.

Endeca Application Controller Guide  | PDF
Describes the tasks involved in managing implementations using the Endeca Application Controller.

Forge API Guide for Perl  | PDF
Describes the available classes and methods for Perl manipulator components when building a Data Foundry pipeline.

Forge Guide  | PDF
Describes the major tasks involved in developing the instance configuration and pipeline of an Endeca application.


Log Server and Report Generation Guide  | PDF
Describes how to use the Endeca Logging API, implement the Endeca logging and reporting system in Oracle Endeca Workbench, and generate customized reports from logs of activity on your site.

Relationship Discovery Guide  | PDF
Describes the tasks involved in creating an Endeca Relationship Discovery application.

Security Guide  | PDF
Describes Endeca security features and the major tasks involved in using them to develop a secure Endeca implementation.

XML Reference  | PDF
Provides descriptions of the XML elements in Endeca project files, including XML elements used to build components for a Forge pipeline.

Content Adapter API Reference (Javadoc)  | HTML
Generated API reference documentation for the Content Adapter API.