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Table of Contents

Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue Programming Guide
Programmer Tasks
Sending and Receiving Messages
Using Filters
Filter Type
Simple Filter
Compound Filter
Filter Format
Simple Filter
Compound Filter
Using Publish/Subscribe
Sending Broadcast Messages
Receiving Broadcast Messages
Subscribing to Receive Broadcast Messages
Subscribing to Receive Selected Broadcast Messages
Subscription Acknowledgement
Reading Broadcast Messages
Unsubscribing Receiving Broadcast Messages
Using Recoverable Messaging
Choosing a Message Delivery Mode
Choosing Recoverable or Non-recoverable Delivery Mode
Choosing an Undeliverable Message Action
How to Send a Recoverable Message
How to Receive a Recoverable Message
Using UMAs for Exception Processing
Using Discard UMA
Using the Return-to-Sender UMA
Using the SAF UMA
Using the Dead Letter Queue UMA
Using the Dead Letter Journal
The DIP and UMA Support List
Using Naming
Naming Service
Name Scope
Name Space
Process Level Name Space
Local Name Space
Global Name Space
Attaching and Locating Queues
Static and Dynamic Binding of Queue Aliases
Using WS SAF
Building Applications

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