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Introduction to Oracle TSAM Plus

Introduction to Oracle TSAM Plus
The following sections provide information that you need to know before installing Oracle TSAM Plus product software:
Oracle Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor Plus (TSAM Plus) provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting for Oracle Tuxedo system and applications. It includes two components: Oracle TSAM Plus Agent and Oracle TSAM Plus Manager.
The Oracle TSAM Plus agent enables collection of various performance metrics for applications, including XA and non-XA transactions, services, system servers. Oracle TSAM Plus Manager provides graphical user interface to correlate and aggregate performance metrics collected from one or more Tuxedo domains and display it in real time.
Oracle TSAM Plus Agent must be installed on top of Oracle Tuxedo. It is not mandatory to install Oracle TSAM Plus Manager on a machine running Oracle Tuxedo.
System Requirements
Oracle Tuxedo must be installed before you can install Oracle TSAM Plus Agent. If you already have Oracle TSAM Plus Agent installed, you must shut down Oracle Tuxedo before you upgrade/reinstall Oracle TSAM Plus Agent.
Oracle TSAM Plus Platform Support
For a listing of Oracle TSAM Plus-supported platforms, see Oracle TSAM Plus Supported Platforms, Web Containers, and DBMS.
Oracle TSAM Plus Installation Program
The Oracle TSAM Plus software is distributed as an installation program for Windows or UNIX systems. The Oracle TSAM Plus installation program supports three installation methods. You can use any of these methods to install the Oracle TSAM Plus product software:
Oracle TSAM Plus Distribution
Oracle TSAM Plus is distributed for download at the following Oracle Web site. An evaluation copy of Oracle TSAM Plus is available for download from the Oracle corporate Web site at:
Platform-specific installer files for the Oracle TSAM Plus product software are available for download from the Oracle corporate Web site.
What Next?
You are now ready to begin your installation. To install Oracle TSAM Plus 12c Release 1 (, see one of the following sections:

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