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Table of Contents

Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Plug-in Programming Introduction
Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Data Collection Framework
Creating an Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Custom Plug-in
Oracle Tuxedo Plug-in Framework Concepts
Plug-in Register/Un-register/Modifications
Developing a Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Plug-in
Create Plug-in Source Code
Build the Plug-in
Register the Plug-in
Enable Oracle TSAM Plus Monitoring
Run a Call and Check the Standard Output.
Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Plug-in Interface
Version and Interface Identifier
Function Table
Other Help Header Files
Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Plug-in Implementation
Define “perf_mon_1” in the “e_perf_mon.h” Function Table
Define the Plug-in Information Variable
Write the Plug-in Entry Routine
Writing Concrete Plug-in Implementations
Call Path Monitoring Plug-in Routine
Service Monitoring Plug-in Routine
System Server Monitoring Plug-in Routine
Transaction Monitoring Plug-in Routine
Configure the Plug-in to Oracle Tuxedo
Oracle TSAM Plus Agent Plug-in Development/Deployment Notes

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