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Table of Contents

Oracle Tuxedo 12c Release 1 (12.1.1) Release Notes
About This Oracle Tuxedo Release
What’s New and Improved
Optimizations for Oracle Exalogic
Application Packaging and Deployment
Developing New Applications using Java
IBM WebSphere MQSeries Adapter Features
Service Versioning
High Availability Configuration for Data Dependent Routing
Use of XPath for XML based Data Dependent Routing
Generic LDAP Authentication/Authorization Framework
Expedited Diagnostics through ECID Propagation
Automatic Master Node and Server Group Migration
Millisecond Granularity for Timeouts
Cross Domain Event Broker
Server Side Pseudo Code from Service Definition
Nested Views for Jolt
New Programming Model
Support for Dynamic Languages (PHP, Python, and Ruby)
Installation Upgrade Considerations
Oracle Tuxedo Software Components
Supported Platforms

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