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Error and Reason Codes

Error and Reason Codes
The Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP (IMS) (hereafter referenced as TMA TCP for IMS) client response message header contains error and reason codes used to return error information to an IMS client. When an error occurs while processing an IMS client request, the error code is set to a unique, nonzero value that indicates the type of error that occurred. Depending on the particular error, the reason code may also contain a value that provides additional information about the error.
Normal Return
The request completed successfully (no errors occurred).
Response Data Truncated
The user response data was truncated because it exceeded the maximum response length specified in the request. When this error occurs, the user response data is truncated to the maximum response length specified, but the actual length of the user response data (before truncation) is returned in the data length field.
Remote System Unavailable
The TMA TCP for IMS gateway cannot establish a session with the remote gateway required to service the request.
Remote System Busy
All existing sessions with the required remote gateway are busy and TMA TCP for IMS cannot establish a new session (due to session limits).
Request Timed Out
A required response was not received from the remote host within the specified time limit. This may indicate a connectivity problem or a problem with the remote system.
Service Not Defined
The requested service name is not defined to TMA TCP for IMS. This error can also occur if the requested service name is currently out of service.
Internal Error
An internal error occurred and TMA TCP for IMS could not allocate storage required to process the request.
Invalid Request
An error was detected while validating the request. When this error occurs, the reason code indicates the specific reason for the error.
Remote System Error
An error was detected by the remote gateway. When this error occurs, the reason code contains the gateway error code returned by the remote system.
Remote Service Error
An error indication (TPERROR) was returned by the remote service. When this error occurs, the reason code contains the TPERRNO value returned by the remote service.
Internal Logic Error
An internal logic error was detected by TMA TCP for IMS. If this error occurs, notify the systems programmer responsible for TMA TCP for IMS.
Service Not Available
The remote service is currently unavailable.
Service Failed
The remote service returned a TPFAIL return code.
Security Error
The user is not authorized to execute the remote service.

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