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Starting Oracle TMA TCP Gateway

Starting Oracle TMA TCP Gateway
The following topics provide information about starting the Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP Gateway (hereafter referenced as TMA TCP Gateway) product:
Setting Environment Variables
Before you attempt to use TMA TCP Gateway, you must set the TUXDIR and PATH environment variables as the following example illustrates.
Listing 6‑1 Setting ROOTDIR and PATH Environment Variables
TUXDIR=/usr/tuxedo; export TUXDIR
You should set TUXDIR to the actual path where your Oracle Tuxedo and TMA TCP Gateway software is installed. Set APPDIR to the application directory, similar to the UBBCONFIG file. You may also need to set the LANG environment variable if you have generated custom mapping tables or message catalogs. Some platforms may require that LANG always is set. Consult your operating system documentation for the appropriate LANG value.
Invoking TMA TCP Gateway
Perform a tmloadcf and dmloadcf to load the UBBCONFIG and the DMCONFIG files. Invoke TMA TCP Gateway using the tmboot command to boot the Oracle Tuxedo system. Be sure to configure TMA TCP Gateway prior to using the tmboot command. For details, see the “Configuring Oracle TMA TCP Gateway” section.
Listing 6‑2 Invoking TMA TCP Gateway Using tmboot
Administering the Gateways
Oracle Tuxedo has a set of tmadmin and dmadmin commands for the administration of the TMA TCP Gateways. For detailed information about these commands, refer to the Oracle Tuxedo Administrator’s Guide and the Oracle Tuxedo Domain User Guide.

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